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Could Covid-19 restore air service to Portland? – tricitiesbusinessnews.com

The Covid-19 crisis blew a hole in the aviation industry, but there could be opportunity hidden in the mayhem for airports with strong underlying...

Networking – June 2020 – tricitiesbusinessnews.com

Tri-City area networking news includes new hires, promotions, awards, board appointments, certifications, donations and other honors. Source link

Bergstrom Aviation ponders its bills as fuel business collapses, flight school stays shuttered – tricitiesbusinessnews.com

Bergstrom Aviation provides fueling and maintenance services as well as a flight school at the Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco. Source link

Business Updates – May 2020 – tricitiesbusinessnews.com

Business updates include new businesses, additional locations, business moves, name changes, new ownership and business closures. Source link

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Bundesländer reagieren – Formfehler in StVO: Tausende Autofahrer erhalten Führerschein zurück

Nach dem Formfehler bei der neuen Straßenverkehrsordnung erhalten mehr als 1000 Autofahrer alleine in Baden-Württemberg ihren eingezogenen Führerschein zurück. Insgesamt seien vermutlich 100.000 laufende Verfahren betroffen,...

US May Need to Nationalize Military Aircraft Industry, USAF Says – Defense One

That’s unless the Air Force can find a way to keep both competition and the few remaining U.S. plane-makers alive, the service’s acquisition chief...

Two Texas voters with COVID-19 seek court order to cast mail-in ballots – The Texas Tribune

The voters didn't learn they were sick until after the application deadline for absentee ballots. Under state law, they need a doctor's certification to...

Senate hopeful John James slams Dem leadership in major cities: ‘Hold politicians accountable, not statues’ – Fox News

Michigan Republican Senate hopeful John James said on Tuesday that Democratic leadership has failed to address racism in America amid widespread protests against police brutality...